Microbe Guide: A visual guide to salami microbiology

Ever wonder what makes your salami fuzzy, crusty, and tart? Our Visual Guide to Salami Microbiology provides an overview of everything you need to know about microbes in and on your favorite artisan salami. Print it out. Hang it up.  Marvel at the microbiological wonders growing on your salami! Download our Visual Guide to Salame Microbiology here.

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  • Vero says:

    REALLY loving this!! Thank you for sharing it!

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  • Had the opportunity to sit in on the cheese rind microbiology lecture at ACS this year…now that’s what I call riveting. Much appreciation for the work you all are doing towards a greater understanding of microbes in especially cheese and cured meats. Poster will be on the wall in the shop. All the best.

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  • Thanks for sharing this information. A member of our FB 2015 Cheese Study Group brought your site to our attention. Reading all your posts re cheese and cheese-related items.

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  • Odette Hélie says:

    Your site is so unique and rigourous and exciting !!! Is it still maintained ?
    Odette Hélie, veterinarian

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  • […] call a food that is made by microbes but not by true fermenting microbes? Ripened foods. Salami, brie cheese, and katsuobushi (AKA bonito flakes) are all examples of microbially ripened foods […]

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