The Microbiology of Raw Milk – Microflores du lait cru

This groundbreaking practical guide to raw milk microbiology was written by a group of French scientists. In 2015 we used a Kickstarter campaign to fund and publish an English translation.

Within its pages, the authors show how protecting the natural diversity of carefully produced raw milk is not only crucial for maintaining the identity and flavour of cheese, but also promotes a barrier effect that can help to protect against the growth of pathogens. Rather than subverting modern food safety targets, this approach may actually help cheese producers to achieve them.

Several years out, we understand far more about how farming practices can affect raw milk quality for cheesemaking, but we are still at the beginning of a long journey to understand how best to put them into practice. In order to make this information freely accessible to the largest possible audience, a pdf of the full translation is available below.

Thanks once again to the 237 backers who financially supported this project! We hope you enjoy it.

Microbiology of Raw Milk English Final 6.10.15

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